A native English speaker is talking about poverty and difficulty in paying the bills.

"There is going to have to come a point where they all line up at the same time." Poverty in UK (See: 3:09-3:14)

The structure "There is going to have to a point....." caught my attention. I don't know if this structure is correct usage or just colloquial.

Secondly, based on her usage "..going to...", I wonder, has she already had situation where all the bills came one after the other and she wasn't able to pay? Or is she simply predicting that there will be a time (in the future), where all the bills will come one after the other and she won't be able to pay them?

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Yes, the expression There is going to have to come a point where… is perfectly idiomatic.

Its use implies nothing about what the speaker has already experienced; it is only a prediction.

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