People say:

how was your weekend?

But do they say:

how was it yesterday?

Is this the natural way of asking about how their yesterday went?

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Some measures of time lend themselves more naturally to the "How was your X?" construct than others:

  • How was your week?
    might be used on a Friday afternoon, asking someone to recap their work week

  • How was your summer?
    might be used when people have been apart for a summer, e.g. after school vacation

  • How was your day?
    without any more information, I'd assume this was uttered in the evening, referring to today

  • How was your year?
    probably uncommon, but it might be heard in, say, financial circles

These, however, would probably be less heard in conversation:

  • How was your decade?
  • How was your yesterday?
  • How was your month? (although this one might be heard in sales)

As for how to inquire about someone's yesterday, I agree with Tim Romano's comments; those were pretty much the first two wordings that came to my mind.

  • How was your day yesterday?
  • How did things go yesterday? (although this is often used in reference to one particular event from yesterday, such as a job interview, as opposed to the whole day)

When I Googled "How was your yesterday" vs "How was your day yesterday", the latter version – How was your day yesterday? – seemed much more common.


"How was it yesterday?" is a perfectly valid construct, but would be typically used in relation either to something specific that is previously known between both speakers, or querying the state yesterday of something specific. A couple of examples:

  • Two co-workers talking in the break room after a meeting that one of them could not attend;
  • A doctor checking an injury (as per Maulik V's example).

Like Tim Romano and J.R. said, "How was your day yesterday?" would make most sense in terms of general small talk.

As for "How was your yesterday" - I would only expect to hear that in a particularly idiomatic way, with stress on the 'your' to emphasise the deflection in subject (e.g. "Enough about my interview, how was your yesterday?").

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