In L.A Confidential (1997), Bud White and Ray are having a conversation about the Night Owl murders, in which cop Stensland died and all the bodies were found in the men’s toilet room:

Bud White: Two of the victims were women?

Ray: Yeah, Patti DeLuca, the night shift waitress, and a Susan Lefferts.

Bud White: Susan Lefferts.

Ray: Yeah, what about her?

Bud White hurries away from the scene.

Ray: You're welcome.

Is Ray’s "You’re welcome" a sarcastic remark here?

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    You should be able to tell by the tone in which it is said and by Ray's expression.
    – Stuart F
    Feb 2 at 10:11

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"You're welcome" is generally an acknowledgement of a thank you. In this case (and this is commonly used) it clearly implies that there should have been a thank you. Short answer: Yes.

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