Is it grammatically possible to use both "would come" and "was coming" in the context below:

Earlier, the temperature had fallen. And now clouds began moving in. I knew a storm would come/was coming. Would it be a snowstorm? I woke up the next morning to see the ground all covered with snow. There would be no baseball practice today!

If only one or both options are possible in this context, please, give reasons. Thanks

  • I knew a storm would come is the past tense of I know a storm will come. And I knew a storm was coming is the past tense of the alternative I know a storm is coming, so they're both fine, Commented Feb 3 at 18:25
  • Idiomatically, the second versions are much more likely in most contexts - and that's particularly true in your exact context, where now refers to a point in past time. If you'd used then instead of now, that might slightly favour the would phrasing - but that's a fairly complex issue, so let it pass. Commented Feb 3 at 18:31


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