There's a publication that my company's translating from Polish into English that describes how Polish people perceive different occupations in terms of social importance, female/male character, etc. The translator chose to translate the title as "Jobs ranking" (the word ranking was used in Polish, too, I guess it's because of marketing reasons).

Would you say it's an adequate title? Is it correct? How would a native speaker understand "jobs ranking"?

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  • To help you: the ranking of jobs=jobs' ranking OR job ranking. The latter is an attributive use of the noun. Choose one and stick to it. BUT as a title, one might use: "The Ranking of Jobs in Poland and Social Perception"
    – Lambie
    Commented Feb 27 at 15:39
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Another possibility would be:

Occupation Ratings: ______________________

where the blank would be filled in with a very terse descriptive phrase, such as "Polish Perceptions of Social Value"

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