(1) The company receives millions of dollars in advertising revenue.

I can guess what, in (1), "in advertising revenue" means — it means "earning on advertising".
But I can't understand why it's possible to use "in" here.

So, what specifically does "in" mean here?
And could you show me please that meaning of "in" in a dictionary for which (1) would be appropriate as an example?

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From the Britannica dictionary, look at definition 3a for the word 'in':


3 a — used to indicate that someone or something belongs to or is included as part of something

  • She used to play in [=as a member of] a band.
  • There are 12 in a dozen. [=a dozen is equal to 12]

This is how the word 'in' is being used. The millions of dollars is a part of the revenue, therefore, the company can receive millions of dollars in revenue.

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