This is from NPR News.

One of President Biden’s signature plans to make the internet available to everyone is on the verge of ending. NPR’s Windsor Johnston reports without additional funding from Congress, the Affordable Connectivity Program is expected to run out of cash within the next several weeks.

The program provides more than 23 million low-income households with a monthly internet discount of at least 30 dollars and up to 75 in high-cost areas and on tribal lands. Natalie Campbell is with the North American Government and Regulatory Affairs for the Internet Society.

“I don’t think that people should ever have to ask whether they're buying groceries this month or getting internet access this month and that is the question that I have unfortunately seen a lot of people have to make.”

President Biden is calling on Congress to approve 6 billion dollars to renew the program but the spending package passed last month without the provision.

I wonder which of the following (from OALD) is the meaning of "provision" in this context.

  1. the act of supplying somebody with something that they need or want; something that is supplied

  2. a condition or an arrangement in a legal document

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The second, although in this case it's not so much a condition as a specific item in a legal document.

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