In this instruction:

Arrange the following sentences in the correct order.

Should I use 'arrange in the correct order' or 'arrange into the correct order'?

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    arrange in....
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    May 15 at 3:15

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Arrange in order is fine. This Ngram shows that arrange in is much more common than arrange into. We would use into for sorting things into different groups, in for a single sequence such as 'arrange in alphabetical order'.


"Arrange into." The reason is that "arrange in the correct order" is vague. You could be arranging a number of things...say items X, Y, and Z. Now you're supposed to start arranging the Y items first followed by the X items and finishing up by arranging the Z items. (Think clothing sections in a department store.)

If your boss tells you to arrange the clothing sections in the correct order, they might mean to do Y, then X, then Z sections in that order.

"Arrange into the correct order" clearly communicates the intent for a set of items to be sorted according to prearranged criteria rather than the intent to specify how one is to do one's arranging.

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