Should I use "itself" or "only" when I say I don't have something. Example:
a. itself: I don't have insta ID itself
b. only: I don't have insta ID only

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    Why use either? Commented May 22 at 10:50
  • As @Michael Harvey says, there is no need to use either. Just say: "I don't have an Instagram ID".
    – Drupal guy
    Commented May 22 at 10:59
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    "I don't have X itself" (but I have something very like it). "I don't have X only" (but I also have Y and Z). Commented May 22 at 13:08

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I have noticed itself being used in this way in Indian English. In any other English, as far as I know, it is ungrammatical.

If I correctly understand what you intend, you don't need an extra word there, as the comments say; but if you need to emphasise the thing you haven't got, I would say something like "I don't have an Insta ID exactly", meaning "I don't have the exact thing that is an Insta ID".

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