In the sentence: "Congratulations on/for your successful performance..."

What is the correct option "on" or "for"?

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    When directly congratulating someone, I’ve only ever heard “congrats on.” “Congrats for” can make sense in indirect contexts. But even then, to me there is a slight distinction: on just shows what the remark is being directed at, whereas for indicates that something evoked the remark externally. So “I want to congratulate them for a great performance” almost implies that the performance was so good that it made the speaker feel obligated to congratulate them. Perhaps I’m being pedantic.
    – GrammarCop
    Commented May 27 at 3:24

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I think on is more appropriate. Using for seems to imply that the did the performance for you. If that's the case, perhaps because you paid for it, then the second one would be better.

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