One of my clients is launching a video channel for old people. The target audience is those who are old. I suggested to him:

A. Premier Channel the Elderly

B. Premier Channel for the Elderly

C. Premier Channel Seniors

D. Seniors' Premier Channel

Are these grammatical?

He already runs a channel for children named: Premier Channel Kids

He says it should be: The Elderly's Premier Channel

  • I am aged 72. I hope you eventually come here and provide the chosen name, so that I can make very sure that I never watch that channel. Commented Jul 10 at 8:02
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    'The elderly' sounds more appropriate for medicine or social services! I would suggest C as an obvious match for the children's one. (I'm also 72.) Commented Jul 10 at 8:16
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    Well I'm a spring chicken in my 60s, so it'll be decades before I get there! Commented Jul 10 at 8:18
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    More seriously, if your friend's video channel has any value to that age range, he should be clued up enough already to have positive terms for describing that group. Commented Jul 10 at 8:23
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    Shortly after I became 60, I was visiting my doctor, and I said 'Am I an old man now?'. He smiled and said 'When I was a medical student, there was geriatric medicine, which seemed to start around them, but now it's called "continuing life"'. Commented Jul 10 at 8:31


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