I love that concept whenever any company comes up with it as a part of their marketing campaign but not sure what do we call such action.

The action starts with one tiny thing (say striking a small metal ball) and it hits another thing that swings further and does some action. The beauty continues and finally a big gate may open showing some message/greetings. So, a small tiny ball to a giant gate everything happens kinetically.

Here and here are two videos showing the action which is brilliantly crafted. I know the word 'chain reaction' but I've always used, heard and seen the phrase in a different context. Even the dictionary uses an example that does not fit to my concern.


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In the United States, at least, such a machine or device can be called a Rube Goldberg Machine. Another term is Chain Reaction Machine or Device. One that involves a rolling ball can be called Rolling Ball Scuplture. A popular term for a mechanical chain reaction is domino effect, which can also literally be incorporated into a Rube Goldberg Machine.

In the broader sense, a Rube Goldberg Machine means a

deliberately over-engineered or overdone to perform a very simple task in a very complicated fashion. (wikipedia)

The term has come to refer to the more narrowly defined machine/device that does rely on "arranged kinetic reactions."

Even popular entertainment uses the term Rube Goldberg Machine. For example, the console/PC game Fallout 3 contains a store called Gold Ribbon Grocers, which is booby-trapped with a device called Rube Goldberg Machine. A vide of the Fallout 3 Rube Goldberg Machine is here. It relies on both the mechanical domino effect and chemical reactions. See video here.

MIT stages a Chain Reaction Machine event each Friday after Thanksgiving but does not use the term Rube Goldberg Machine.


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