Currently i am reading a book called 'Lick' by Kylie Scott

I came across the above phrases on pg 89 - 90 where the lead character asks this question or uses expression in the following ways - that are

  1. Will you sing for me ?
  2. Did you sing to me that night ?
  3. Please sing me a song ?

I was wondering what's the difference in those.

  • “Did you sing to me that night” could mean, “Although you were singing for a larger audience, was your song addressed especially to me? Was I the ‘you’ of the song?” Sep 20, 2019 at 15:28

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There is very little difference.

In the case of sing for, the singer may simply be singing aloud; the singing is not necessarily directed at the listener, it just fills the environment.

In the case of sing to, the singer is singing directly at the listener.

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