May be it's simple but I'm stuck.

I'm using "Cheers!" for a toast or valediction on any internet forums. When I'm writing "Cheers!" I want say 'Thanks for the communication! Goodbye!' Can I use "Cheer!" for the same? Or does "Cheer!" have a different meaning?

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Very good question.

I think 'Cheer' on its own does not stand as an expression. You need to have a phrase.

I cheered up when she arrived
To cheer her up, I took her on a long drive

On the other hand, if you want to express your 'joy' the way you explained, in a single word, it's Cheers!

However, you can use multiple 'cheers' to augment your expression! However, it then becomes an idiom.

'Three cheers for the winners'

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