What is the difference between these two phrases?

Do they have the same meaning or not?

e.g "Elephants are very tall. By way of contrast, the insects are small."

e.g "I study language by ways of comparing books."

Are they true or not?

  • You need to add more context. There are many differences in their meaning, and the answer will be too broad unless you have some context or specific difference in mind. – jimsug Oct 26 '14 at 15:47
  • Can you give me sentences for each of them? And explain your answer in the sentence? I think it's good – Ice Girl Oct 26 '14 at 15:49

By way of contrast, [some phrase]."

By way of contrast is a regular prepositional phrase.

An example here:

They spent millions of dollars on advertising. By way of contrast, our small company spent under 5,000 dollars.


By ways of comparing (x and y), [some phrase]."

By ways of comparing (x and y) is a noun phrase.

I could not find any examples, so this might not be a normally used form.

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