What is term for an emotionally void person who cannot be honest with themselves and fakes their own happiness? They obsess about a childhood that was terrible but they make it into a fantasy.

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    Would you provide more context please? It seems like you're asking about a very specific person, and it's difficult to come up with a single general term. What is the characteristic that you want to emphasize? That they are deluded about having a good childhood? That they are giving the appearance of having a perfect life in public even though their private life is dysfunctional?
    – ColleenV
    Oct 30, 2014 at 16:53

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Such persons are said to be "in denial".


You might be looking for expressions like:

1) fantasy world something existing solely in the imagination.

2) fool's paradise a state of being happy for foolish or unfounded reasons.

3) through rose-colored glasses With an unduly cheerful, optimistic, or favorable view of things

So, you can say for example, "xyz person lives in a fantasy world"

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    Those aren't descriptions of a person though.
    – ColleenV
    Oct 30, 2014 at 21:29
  • @ColleenV I see. I edited my answer by adding a sentence that the OP can choose to make about a person.
    – user6200
    Oct 30, 2014 at 23:07

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