Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct:

  1. I am always interested in applying my research to various fields
  2. I am always interested in applying my research in various fields

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Both are grammatically correct.

If you look these prepositions up in the dictionary, you'll find dozens of meanings, and there are some overlapping contexts where either one can be applied. This is one of them, partly because the sentences are rather vague. You haven't specified what "my research" is, or what you mean by "various fields" – if those were more clearly defined, that might change which preposition would be more appropriate.

You could use to because, presumably, you're applying what you've learned in your research to a problem in a particular field. You could use in because, when you apply your research, you're doing so within a particular domain.

Most prepositions are rather flexible, and it's not uncommon to find a context where more than one can be used without violating the rules of grammar or stepping outside the scope of the words' definitions.

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You haven't used the phrase "apply to" or "apply for" in the sentences though.

apply to: use to take action to something
apply in: taking an action in a place/space

I am always interested in applying my research in various fields.

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