I am very hungry.

I am a bit hungry.

What is the opposite of "very"?

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In this context, a bit works just fine. So does a little:

I'm a little hungry.

Another way you could say it (with a single word) would be to use somewhat:

I was very ashamed of my actions.
I was a bit ashamed of my actions.
I was somewhat ashamed of my actions.

Compare NOAD's defintions of the two words:

somewhat (adverb) to a moderate extent or by a moderate amount
very (adverb) in a high degree

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    Also "slightly", "barely", although I agree that "a little" sits better with "hungry". "Quite" is interesting in that it's ambiguous but disambiguated by context, it can mean either "somewhat" or "very" or "completely". Nov 4, 2014 at 16:50

I am not very hungry.

very and bit express varying degrees of hungriness, and I would certainly not call them opposites. not very, on the other hand, could be used to express any of these hungry degrees:

I am a bit hungry.

I am moderately hungry.

I am not hungry at all.

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