Let's say that we're watching a film in which a good guy is trying to track down a serial killer. At the end of the film we suddenly realise the the good guy is the serial killer! Can we call this a "reversal" in the sense that it is something not expected,or the opposite of what was expected? If not, what is the suitable word?

  • Or irony could be another way to say it.
    – Jack
    Mar 19, 2019 at 16:31

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I think the proper word is plot twist. Which in your example is pretty well defined by the abrupt change of what one would expect from the storyline to be like.


Perhaps the word you're looking for is "reveal". Because the information is there all the time, it just hasn't been revealed to the audience yet.


It means the roles of good guy vs. bad guy were switched (reversed). In film it is usually unexpected, but in general usage depends on context.

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