Does anyone know what does this means?

Being here helps take my mind off things.

Also, What does purpose "being" as grammartically at here?


Take one's mind off means to stop thinking about something, or to relax.

Take one's mind off things means to relax, or stop working for awhile.

If you want to use a verb as a noun, two options are the infinitive (to be) or the "-ing" form (being).

If you are talking about an action that you are doing now, and you want to turn that into a noun, and you aren't using a clause with a word like "that", etc., the "-ing" form is typically used.

Being here helps take my mind off things

You are saying that fact that you are currently being here helps take your mind off off things.

Being here helps me take my mind off things

is a bit more clear.

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