I'm writing an essay on how technology has affected our lives and I would like to know if I can say "Technology has a word to say when it comes to communication". for example.

What I would like to say is that technology has an impact but I'm not sure if it is right.. Thank you in advance

  • As long as you follow up with, "And that word is..." ;-) – Jim Nov 15 '14 at 3:34
  • sure u cud say dat – Leo Nov 15 '14 at 11:42

Yes, you can say that, if the intent is that technology has an impact on or addresses issues related to communication.

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You can!

Somebody/thing has a word to say is a way of telling that there's broadly a role of somebody/thing in that or if it is some person, s/he wants to tell us something.

However, I observe that it is used more in negation such as Nobody found a word to say or No history has a word to say.

Clearly, in all these examples, we are not talking about one particular word but talking in general that they have/don't have something/anything to say.

I use it often in conferences and meetings.

Before we begin the session, our CEO has a word to say.

Of course, CEO would speak more than a word! :)

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