The love may begin from here.

The love may begins from here.

after "love" and "may" which form of begin we should use? "begin" or "begins"?

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    'the' is never used for love when you generalize it
    – Leo
    Nov 15, 2014 at 11:47

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"Love" is a third-person singular noun. The tense is Simple Present. So in a sentence

Love begins here.

We use the verb "to begin" in the third-person singular form begins, with an "S" at the end. Note that the verb "to begin" is used alone here, with no other verb attached to it.

But in your sentence, the verb "to begin" is attached to may, which is a modal verb. When we attach a verb to a modal verb, creating a two-word combination, we do not add "s" to the verb:

Love may begin here.

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