When I was a child, I had a family of doll people. They lived in a red shoebox painted to look like a house, with a dark-brown roof and yellow awnings. Inside the house, there was a set of plastic toy furniture, plus some random household items: a matchbox television, a mirror crafted from a piece of foil, and a thick rug secretly cut out of my old sweater. I also had a few plastic farm animals—a cow, a pig, a goat, and a very large (larger than the cow) chicken, which lived outside the shoebox.

The family itself consisted of the following individuals:

One pretty little doll, made of soft plastic, with painted-on hair and dress , who, in my games, represented me.

One naked, bald, vaguely female doll, made of hard shiny plastic, whom I designated the mother. I made her a Greek-style tunic out of an old handkerchief and glued a lock of my own hair to her head.

With this assumption in mind that painted-on dress means thight dress, according to this link:


What does it means when saying with painted-on hair and dress ?

  1. with colored hair and colored dress ( colored with ink or sonething )

  2. with colored hair and thight dress

it is difficult for a little girl to color a piece of clothing.


Your dictionary link is not relevant here. The hair and dress were literally painted on the doll. The child had painted hair and a dress onto the plastic doll.

Here is a doll with painted-on hair.


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