What my family lacked was a father, but a father doll was a true rarity. Nobody I knew had a father doll. Most of the kids I knew didn’t even have fathers. I didn’t have a father; mine died when I was two. My family consisted of my mother, my grandmother, and me. That was perfectly normal. Fathers had a tendency to die, or to lose themselves to alcoholism, or to simply “ up and go .” Our next-door neighbor up and went to the Far North one night. He announced his decision by screaming on the staircase, “I’m sick of you all!”

“So you’re just gonna up and go, huh? Well, good riddance!” his wife screamed back. But his three-year-old daughter cried for weeks. I could hear her through the thin walls of our apartment.

  1. What does it mean up and go?

  2. Does the word sick here mean ** hate and dislike** or angry . they say I am sick and tired of you and that means I am angry with you .

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•up and do something:

to do something suddenly or unexpectedly He upped and went, pausing only to thank us with a gracious bow.


For the meaning of 'sick of', see definition #3 here: http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/sick#sick


Up and go simply means go away without notifying anyone (may or maynot be to get rid of responsibility). Another such use I remember is from the MJ song 'Who is it?'. He sings, "And She Didn't Leave A Letter She Just Up And Ran Away."

sick of simply means tired of or fed up of.

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