Which is more appropriate to say?

Where does Yuji buy the guitar?


Where did Yuji buy the guitar?


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If the guitar was bought in the past, the correct question is

Where did Yuji buy the guitar?

If the purchasing has not happened when the question is asked then it would be:

Where is Yuji buying the guitar?

If instead of a (probably) one-off purchase of a guitar, the question was refering to a purchase that is made frequently (eg apples), the question would be:

Where does Yuji buy his/her apples?


[Where did Yuji buy the guitar?]

means that Yuji did something in the past. You should use it when you knew Yuji bought it (e.g. yesterday).

[Where does Yuji buy the guitar?]

is not appropriate. It is because present tense should be used when you want to express something happen in the daily routine, habitual action or general truth.

NB: A question (about buying something) won't appear if you do not know anything about it.

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