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Say the woman on the left is my model for drawing, and I want to ask her to take the position as shown above, the same pose Mona Lisa is in.

Do I say to her:

"I would like you to pose as in Leonardo da Vinci's artwork Mona Lisa."

or is there a more concise and natural way to say it?

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    I guess it will look more natural if you say "I would like you to pose as Mona Lisa in Leonardo da Vinci's artwork/painting(whatever)". – mok Dec 1 '14 at 5:21

Your suggestion is fine, although it has a slightly formal air if spoken.

Some more conversational alternatives:

"Could you pose like the woman in the Mona Lisa?"

"Just pretend you're the woman in the Mona Lisa"

"Could you copy the pose of the woman in the Mona Lisa?"

Or, since you presumably have a copy of the Mona Lisa to show them, you could just hold that up and say:

"Could you pose just like that?"


A more formal way of saying this is: "Please adopt the pose seen in the Mona Lisa". Assume could also be used there, or even "strike".

P.S. But there is nothing wrong with the more conversational choices.

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