Mohan said that he had been in London for two months but until then/till then he had not time to visit the water.

Is there any difference between until then and till then?


To add to Farooq's answer I'd say that till is slightly less formal than until.

In a formal announcement, until will be used more often:

Appeals are registered until 5 p.m.


They both mean the same thing. You have a choice between "until then" and "till then". For example,

Goodbye until then


Goodbye till then

"Until then" is more common though.


There is no difference between "until" and "till". You can use either until then or till then in the said sentence.

"Till" is more common in conversation.


It's a common misconception that "till" (or "til") is an informal, shortened version of "until." Actually, till came first (check a reliable dictionary). If you want to avoid pedantic know-it-alls who don't actually know it all, it's safest to use "until," but there's nothing wrong with "til."

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