From the movie The Sacrament:

— How is it going, man?
— Patrick: Man, I got some amazing pictures so far, dude. I can make a whole book out of this. Look at these faces, man.
— Jesus.
— You know, I can make something really cool out of this and it'd be great for me, 'cause then I could set up a show with Milt when I get back.
— Can I see 'em?
— Oh, no, that's what my ticket out of fashion looks like. What have you guys been up to?
— Well, we talked to a bunch of the locals.

What does that really mean?

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Patrick earns his living as a fashion photographer; these photos will provide an avenue to more artistic work.

The expression goes back to the early 19th century when paroled prisoners in the UK got a literal ticket of leave which entitled them to leave prison - a ticket out of jail.

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