What are the common ways to express this kind of sentence:

"It will be possible or not, depending on ..."

"It will be possible or it will not, depending on..."

Are they correct? If not, how can I say it?

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    I think "It will or will not be possible (to ...), depending on ..." might be possible, but "It may or may not be possible (to ...), depending on ..." is more common and quite close to your sentence. – Damkerng T. Dec 17 '14 at 4:30

You can phrase this as:

< Some factor > will determine if it is possible.

For example:

The time we arrive will determine whether we'll be able to get gas or not.


Whether John was able to get the key [or not] will determine if we'll be able to get in tonight.

You can also use dictate in place of determine

Whether they can score in the next 2 minutes will dictate the outcome of the game.

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