UPDATED: Before coming to the city for school, she never had any exposure to the arts.

Before coming to the city for school, she has never had the opportunity to appreciate the arts.

The reading book " inside reading 3" expresses the fact the both of the sentences are synonym.

Hence, I am wondering what the bold word could mean? or would you explain it or give a proper synonym for it in such a way that I could get its meaning more vividly?

Thanks in advance

  • exposure "the act of providing someone with the opportunity to experience new ideas, activities, etc." (approx. experience); appreciate "to recognize the good or special qualities of a person, place, or thing" (google for "art appreciation" for more info). Commented Dec 17, 2014 at 15:19

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Appreciate here means to understand or to be aware of.

It's an intellectual use of the word, you'll see it used like that in a formal context or when knowledgeable people talk about arts, for instance.


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