What would be a description of the sound a scissors makes when its two blades come together? Some examples might be:

  • "The clipping of fingernails."
  • "The snip of the blades".

Words or phrases work.


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Snipping is the most common word I've seen used to describe it


I agree with the others; snip is the sound used for scissors.

I just ran a Google Ngram for "the * of the scissors", and 9 of the top 10 results referred to physical parts of scissors (the blade of the scissors, the handle of the scissors, the tip of the scissors, etc.). Only one referred to a sound – the snip of the scissors.

enter image description here

As he took a few steps back, he heard the snip of the scissors as Mrs. Kennedy cut a lock of her husband's hair. (Source: The Kennedy Detail: JFK's Secret Service Agents Break Their Silence by Gerald Blaine & Lisa McCubbin, 2010)

I also did a Google search for "heard the * of the scissors", which offered a few alternatives (like click or snap), but snip was the overwhelming favorite.


If you snip (cut) something with scissors, the snipping sound produced by scissors is called "snip".

A Yahoo site says that somewhat insane gave the best answer regarding the sound of scissors as follows:

"They go 'snip snip snip'....I like the sound of scissors, I don't know why though".


Scissors make snipping sound. I'm in an IT company where we do make games for mobile devices. When it comes to download scissors' sound, we search for the audio clip of 'Scissors Snips'

Here is the site that offers you various sounds of scissors. Check out the audio clips labeled 'Scissors Snip'.

Some may also use 'Scissors cutting sound' because the instrument is used for cutting, whatever it is.


A very gentle "sssssst" when cutting into something like a fine piece of paper or perhaps some card stock.

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