Normally when someone is inside a vehicle it is written as

He is in the car
I am in the bus

But can I use the same word when it is related with a bike or bicycle are below sentences are correct ?

I am in the bicycle
He is in a bike

What is the correct way to express above two sentences ?

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Not unless the bicycle or bike has a ceiling. This is because you use in with vehicles, such as a car or bus, that have a ceiling, so it can be said you are inside the car or inside the bus.

For a normal bicycle or bike, you sit on the seat, or you sit on the bicycle or bike.

For a long explanation of the uses of in, on and at, see my answer. It is detailed, but it has examples for vehicles. For instance, if you are a bus passenger, you would probably say you are on the bus. But I don't want to repeat here what I already typed in the answer I just linked to.

  • Actually, you get ON a bus. You also get on a train or a plane. You get ON a boat if the boat is over a certain size, or IN a boat if it's small.
    – Steve Ives
    Jul 6, 2015 at 9:29

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