Would you please throw a light into whether or not there is any difference between the following?

only if

even if

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Were you trying to use them in a specific context?

Only if and even if are used similarly.

Only if means there's one specific thing that has to happen. If that one condition is not met, then there is no hope.

You can remarry only if you get a divorce first.

You can win the lottery only if you bought a ticket.

Even if means despite. It usually introduces some negative things that make the event less likely, but not impossible.

I will love you forever even if you grow old and ugly.

You might win the lottery even if you only bought one ticket.


Only if

Used to present limiting conditions: I will go to the store only if it stops raining.

If it stops raining, I am going to the store. If it keeps raining, I am staying home.

Even if

Used to present conditions which will not be limiting conditions: I will go to the store even if it is still raining.

It doesn't matter whether it is raining or not raining. I am going to the store.

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