It would be greatly appreciated if somebody could throw a light into if there is any difference between these? It would be necessary that I mention the fact that I know we could omit "that". Just my specific question is about only the following.

provided that



Are you trying to use these in a specific context?

Provided that is the one that's more often used as a conjunction.It means that one thing happening is dependent on another thing happening.

I will come visit you provided that my car gets new tires.

Provided that this project succeeds, I will get a promotion.

Sometimes people drop the that and only use provided and it means the same thing.

Mark will come to the wedding provided Alice is not there.

Providing is usually a form of the verb to provide and means to supply/give.

He is providing the food.

I don't know if providing that is used a conjunction. Maybe some places? It's not in American English as far as I know.

  • You can write your examples with providing instead of provided that
    – Ahmad
    Sep 17 '15 at 18:32

They are synonyms, you can replace them in a sentence.

I will come visit you provided that my car gets new tires.

I will come visit you providing my car gets new tires.

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    Just a short note: that is optional in both provided (that) and providing (that). English Grammar Today notes that Providing (that) is more common in speaking; provided (that) is more formal and more common in written language. Sep 17 '15 at 19:11

Both providing (that) and provided (that) can be used. The oxford book has even the following sentence written in it.. I'll come with you providing that Bill doesn't mind.

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