“I’m not sure that I can accept all your theories.”
Pescatelli smiled, as though he’d lured Augustinto a trap.
“That’s why I need Kirk to shoot the ghosts,” he said, “I need to shore up the points in the book. I gave him a list of every ghost I knew of in town.”
Idiot, August thought, Pescatelli was an idiot. But he nodded, content to let Pescatelli think he won a valuable hill in their war of wills.
“As you say,” he said, latching his case.

What's the meaning of this "latching his case". I don't think that's an idiom because I can't find it anywhere on the Internet.


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    It looks to me like August has a briefcase which he has opened earlier in the conversation, perhaps to withdraw some papers. Now, as he prepares to leave, he latches the case: closes the latches on the front. – StoneyB on hiatus Jan 4 '15 at 14:36

It's not an idiom. The character apparently has a bag or briefcase he is fastening shut. This act also implies that August is about to leave.

  • Thanks! I thought he was saying case like a matter, I didn't realise it was an actual case. – Giovanna Jan 5 '15 at 13:30

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