I want to give a name to a widget my company has developed. It's a countdown widget. You can set any time (Say coming Christmas, Valentine's day) and it'll start a countdown.

Now, I'm peculiar about choosing the name it will be called by. So, which one is better?

A countdown clock OR
A countdown timer

I lean toward timer because to me, clock is used for measuring the time which is forwarding and timer we use for something when the time is backwarding.

So, in clock time goes from zero to 'x' number and in timer, it's 'x' number to 'zero'.

  • What about just naming it countdown?
    – Arya
    Feb 23, 2022 at 5:06

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I think both are fine. You make an interesting point about timers counting down while clocks count up, but it's not always true - both can be used for either direction.

Countdown clock is nicely alliterative.

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