It's a recurring issue for me that I can't completely remember a saying. In this case I think I've heard someone using something like:

I've interrogated him and he seems to have an alibi. Something still bites me, though.

So the meaning is like 'still having a suspicion about something/someone' or 'something is still bothering'.

Am I making this up or am I confusing it with a very similar phrase? If not I'd be interested to hear more usage examples.


You could be confusing it with Something still bugs me about this, though. Anyway, in this context the meaning is Something is still bothering me about this, though.

  • Perfect! I think that's the phrase i was looking for :) – Michael Härtl Mar 26 '13 at 8:48

As @Radu says, there's the relatively recent metaphoric (informal) usage [something] still bugs me.

But if OP wants to stick with his metaphoric "bite" sense, the standard idiomatic usage is...

[something] still gnaws at me (256 written instances in Google Books).

(At least some of those instances will be in relatively "formal" contexts, where bugs would never do.)

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