Can someone please help me find the sentence type for these sentences? They should either be simple, compound, or complex. I have taken a look at these and I find it difficult.

    1. "This is an excellent Turkey, I usually do not enjoy poultry at all, I have ever eaten.
    1. Two dogs and a cat gathered around the fallen trash can and ate their dinner.
    1. As we were running for all we were worth, the grizzly bursts out from the bush with snarling roar as it rose on its hind legs to bar out escape.
    1. I had hoped we could make it out of the woods before sundown, yet we were still a mile away from the road as the last of the sun slipped behind the trees.
    1. I have heard the same question asked by three different people today because you will not listen to the answers when they are given.
  • Anyone?!? Any help would be appreciated. I'm really stuck at these. – Matt Jan 14 '15 at 2:19
  1. This is not a grammatical sentence, nor does it make sense.
  2. This is a complex sentence because "and ate their dinner" has no subject, so it is a dependent clause using the subject of the previous independent clause. A complex sentence has one independent clause and at least on dependent clause.
  3. Complex, because the "As" is a subordinate conjunction.
  4. Look up "yet" to determine if it is subordinate or correlative.
  5. Look up the conjunction "because" to determine if it is subordinate or correlative.

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