As a variation of the comparison construction "Different between A and B", can I say "Different between for A and for B", or use other prepositions preceding the items being compared?

For example:

  • The heat-retention time with this mug differs between with coffee and with tea.
  • Data loading time with the computer differs between for USBDisk and for RAMDisk.

Thank you in advance.


If I understand your intent correctly, I think you mean:

difference between A and B

So you could say:

The heat-retention time with this mug differs between coffee and tea.

According to the definition of between sense 8, as a preposition:

8) from one or the other of ⇒ "choose between love and duty"

Anyway you cannot have a preposition follow another preposition, so you cannot put for or with after between, as in your examples.

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