I wanted to use a short term to indicate the person that answers a question, for example you, who are probably going to help me with this problem; but the only thing that came to my mind is to say:

"the person who answered to that question".

Does it exist such a term?


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An answerer answers a question.

A defendant (or their lawyer) tries to defend themselves against a criminal charge in court.

A respondent (or their lawyer) responds to a motion in court.

As CopperKettle suggests, a replier replies to a statement or question.

A torture victim is someone who has been "put to the question" by the inquisition.

A witness is someone who testifies in court. They may be subject to examination and cross-examination by the lawyers, and answer the lawyers' questions.

An invitee RSVPs. (Répondez s'il vous plaît is French for "Respond if it pleases you.")

An interviewee answers a series of questions. Policemen ask questions of subjects, suspects, witnesses, and persons of interest. Employers interview job applicants. Journalists also conduct interviews. Talk show hosts interview guests and callers.

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