Which sentence is correct? When to use Are you and have you?

Are you returned from conference? Or Have you returned from conference?

  • You should get a Beginners' Grammar in book form. Grammar information on the Internet is confusing. – rogermue Jan 18 '15 at 7:40

It's "Have you returned from the conference?".

Be can be a helping verb with the -ing form of the verb (to express progressive tenses), not the -ed form.

For example: "I am returning", "she was returning", etc.

So, in interrogative mood, it would be "Are you returning from the conference?".

If you want to ask a question, but don't want to use a progressive tense, and aren't using any other helping verbs like have, will, should, you'll generally need to use do as a helping verb.

Did you return from the conference?

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