What is the correct preposition to be used with "to make an impact?"

To make an impact in / on the community


They are very similar phrases and can often be used interchangeably. However, I believe the choice of adjective does add a small implication: it tends to indicate whether the person or thing making the impact is within the community or not, and whether its effect is visible from outside the community.

A person within a community will tend to perform actions which make an impact in their community, while a person or thing from outside (or an impersonal force such as nature or the economy) will tend to make an impact on a community.

There is also an implication that an impact in the community may only be noticed (or even visible) from within that same community, while an impact on a community is generally visible to the outside world.

Both of these are merely connotations granted to the phrases.

Google ngrams shows that on the community is much more commonly used in writing, but scanning some of the corpus seems to indicate a preference for using "in" when describing actions by people or groups within the community being impacted (e.g. this and this).


Pons dictionary has "impact on sth" and OALD as well.



You should go with on as it seems to speak externally.

"To make an impact on the community".


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