How to respond shortly to suggestive questions such as:

Do you want to buy this one or this one?

Those are very popular among tradesman and are of manipulative nature. I don't want to explain each time that I don't think such questions are proper, and that none of this option is to be chosen by me, and I don't wish to be asked such questions.

I need a short phrase for such questions, as short as possible, and not too offensive.


As short as possible and as accurate as possible, you could say

Neither, thank you.

or "No, thank you" or "None, thank you."

You could ignore the question, shake your head, or even just say

I don't want any.

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In Buddhism there is the concept of mu, which means 'nothing' in a sense of 'neither of the answers are suitable'.

I would just answer with none, neither etc... none of which are offensive or rude.

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'Neither, sorry' would fit perfectly as a response to being asked that question.

It is quick, short and to the point, and it isn't offensive or rude.

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