I would like to know what are the transcripts at 00:40~00:49, 01:51~01:54 and 04:51~04:53 of this Jimmy Kimmel Live show(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75b2hTl2T2E).

These are what I heard:

00:40~00:49 And we mixed up a very special concoction of these loser organic juices that they appear to be but we used Fun Dip instead that's the ? stick

01:51~01:54 yeah, like little refreshing, like you dip into a pool of juice

04:51~04:53 Are you gonna take the kale, obviously?

Many thanks.

  • Thank you for the question. I like it. But I still can't figure out what Cold Pressed Juice is. What is "Cold Pressed Juice"? – kitty Jan 31 '15 at 16:35
  • scale it one to ten, 1 being 'skittles', 10 being actual real fruit. Where does it fall, "this is nine" the man said. Please correct if it it wrong. – kitty Jan 31 '15 at 16:55

00:40-00:49: And we mixed up a very special concoction. Okay, so those are organic juices, err... They appear to be... But we used Fun Dip, instead. That's the... We eat 'em with a stick...

(This candy is eaten by dipping the stick that comes with the packet into the sherbet)

01:51-01:54: Yeah! Like a little refreshing, like, little dip into a pool of juice.

(Reworded to make more sense: "It's like a little refreshing dip into a pool of juice")

04:51-04:53: Are you getting the kale, obviously?

(As in: "You can taste the kale, I assume?")

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