I completed reading a short novel "A Little Princess" written by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

The servant, "Ram Dass" says the following while planning to change the protagonist's(Sara Crewe) room from its shabby state(page 131, 4th paragraph, fifth line):

The vision she related told what this miserable room might be in it had comforts in it.

In my opinion, the correct usage should have been:

... might be in if it had comforts in it.

I'll quote the whole conversation here in case one has not yet read/heard-of the novel:

"It is true that the first thought was mine, Sahib," he said, "though it was naught but a fancy. I am fond of this child; we are both lonely. It is her way to relate her visions to her secret friends. Being sad one night, I lay close to the open skylight and listened. The vision she related told what this miserable room might be in it had comforts in it. She seemed to see it as she talked, and she grew cheered and warmed as she spoke. Then ...

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Here is the entire chapter on Wikipedia's wikisource and apparently, the actual sentence does have if present in there:

The vision she related told what this miserable room might be if it had comforts in it.

I have the edition published in 1994 by Wordsworth Editions.

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