I've searched about In the grand scheme in Google but couldn't find a good answer. This context is part of an article which is about wearable smart watches. And I don't know how translate In the grand scheme part in following context:

There is no shortage of wearable gear out there, and really what I’m writing about here is the latest crop of smartwatches, most of which run on Android Wear. In the grand scheme, I know it is but a portion of what many of us may use, be it Jawbone’s UP, or Fitbit, or Samsung’s Tizen powered Galaxy Gear, and for me, it really comes down to a single issue.

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That's a contraction of a stock phrase, "In the grand scheme of things." This is a saying that probably derives from various religious sayings about "God's Plan," but is quite secular by now. It means, essentially, "Overall" or that there is a larger element of something. The author is acknowledging that they're focusing on only "the latest crop of Android smartwatches," and not every type of smartwatch or wearable device.

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