In Portugal, Germany, France and the Czech Republic, transgenic crops were primarily grown for small-scale field trials.

Whats the meaning of small scale field trial?

Does this sentence means that those transgenic crops are given to the cattle as food as well as marketed for the mass consumption to satisfy their needs

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A field trial (also field test or field experiment) means a test or experiment performed under conditions which are more natural and less controlled than in a laboratory experiment.

It does not need to involve a literal field (paddock). For example, this quote is from an example of a field trial in telecommunications which involves providing equipment to customers:

100 mobile and 100 fixed line customers in the St Newlyn East area of South Newquay, Cornwall will be included in the trial.

Apparently a test at BT's labs in Adastal Park in Surrey is already underway, but the field trial will give a much better measure of the new technology

The definition of a small-scale trial is not very clear in many cases. Here, it probably means "one to a few fields" - not necessarily that the fields themselves were small. A trial on one large field might still be considered a small-scale trial.

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