From my understanding, suggest should be in form of "I suggest someone do something." Today I read an article about Regular Expression Algorithms and the author wrote:

I suggested to Rob that we needed to find the smallest regular expression

I was wondering if it's a correct usage. If it is correct, why?


You're feeling ill? I suggest (that) you take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

You don't know the city? May I suggest the Ritz Carlton hotel?

The last train has left? I suggested to her that she stay the night with us.

She was looking for something easy but interesting to read? I suggested a book which had won the Newbery Medal.

All idiomatic uses of suggest. It takes direct as well as indirect objects, and object-complement phrases.

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It's fine.

".....suggest to.... that...." --seems to be a valid structure.

Merriam Webster dictionary has one such entry:

"We suggested to the committee that they review the case again."

But in most of the examples, I find "....suggest someone"... more common. Your doubt is valid! :)

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    You mean like "I suggested (that) Rob rewrite the expression." ? That just says I made the suggestion that Rob should be the one to rewrite it - it doesn't say who I mentioned my suggestion to. Whether you need the "to" depends on the context. – ColleenV Feb 12 '15 at 13:44

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