I learned the meaning of mute is "characterized by an absence of sound; quiet" from Oxford Dictionaries Online. From the above meaning I understand mute is an adjective or attribute which is applicable and related to sound. However I have come across the phrase muted light from the below excerpt which is from "The Grave Yard Book" by Neil Gaiman.

There was moon light, and there were streetlights, but the fog is stifled every thing, muted light and muffled sound and made the night shadowy and treacherous.

By that meaning I don't understand how mute is applicable to "light". I can not imagine what muted light would be. Can mute be applicable to the things which are related to light?


From the link you provide:

Verb [with object]

reduce the strength or intensity of: "police violence was always muted by the presence of the media"

Muted is the past participle of the verb mute, which, as with the past participles of all transitive verbs, can be used where adjectives can be used.

So muted light means light that has had its intensity reduced.

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Muted is an adjective that applies to colors, and lighting; in that case, it means subdued.
The OALD (which reports "not bright" as one of the meaning of muted, when used for colors, light, etc.) has the following example:

a dress in muted shades of blue

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