A successfully big operation is often followed by a period of "health recovery phase" which sometimes needs at least 1 month.

What's another phrase I could use? Does "health restoration phase" sound natural?


Recuperation (derived from the same Latin word which descended through French to give us recover) is the general term; here's what the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary has to say:

1 [intransitive] recuperate (from something)
to get back your health, strength or energy after being ill/sick, tired, injured, etc.
SYNONYM recover
He's still recuperating from his operation.
After an exhausting few weeks I needed some time to recuperate.

NOUN [uncountable]
It was a period of rest and recuperation.

Recuperation usually signifies a relatively passive process of waiting for the body to heal itself. Rehabilitation is employed when active therapies are required to recover function or restore someone to health.

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As alternative also convalescence can be used, see e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convalescence:

Convalescence is the gradual recovery of health and strength after illness. It refers to the later stage of an infectious disease or illness when the patient recovers and returns to normal, but may continue to be a source of infection even if feeling better. In this sense, "recovery" can be considered a synonymous term. This also sometimes includes patient care after a major surgery, under which they are required to visit the doctor for regular check-ups.

And this article gives the alternative recovery, which you already named yourself.

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